4120 8 st SE, Calgary AB
(402) 279 2564

Our Values

Safety – We always put safety first and foremost in the decisions we make every day.
We stop and think before we act because there is nothing so urgent that we can’t take
the time to do it safely.


Quality – We maintain the highest standards of quality obtainable in the industry. We
achieve this by continually measuring and improving our results. Everything we do
counts and matters.

Service – We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations of us. We under promise and
over deliver. Our job is not done until our client is satisfied with our work.


Integrity – We adhere to high moral and ethical standards by our commitment to;
reliability, honesty, trust, respect, consistency and transparency.


Teamwork – We collaborate and share knowledge to the benefit of the entire team. We
coach and mentor our juniors and unite as an organization with a vision to be the best.


Innovation – We welcome change, encourage invention and continually seek better,
more productive ways to deliver our services through the advancement of technology and


Respect – We treat all people with respect and dignity. We use tact and diplomacy
when conveying our position to people. We do not have to agree with them but we will
treat them with respect and humility.

Technology Used

Innovation and Excellence