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Warren Plue (President)


Warren has 30 years’ experience in the Geophysical Exploration industry with 16 years
of ownership and management experience. Warren has an MBA degree from the
University of Calgary and a Surveying diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of
Technology. Warren incorporated Wolf Survey & Mapping Inc. in 1994, in 1999 sold the
business to Destiny Resources growing the business from 25 to 100 people. Warren
has developed a reputation in the geophysical industry as an innovative leader, his
professional experience includes; many years of seismic program front end, operations,
financial and strategic management, as well technology development.


wplue@glaciersurveys.com USA Cell 832-707-4573, Canada Cell 250-650-4862



Jesse Siegers (Vice President North American Operations)


Jesse has 18 years’ experience in the Geophysical industry with 6 years ownership and
management experience. Jesse successfully filled every role possible in a survey
company at a young age before he founded Glacier Exploration Surveys in 2006.
Jesse’s drive and determination gave him the skills to build Glacier into a successful
Seismic Survey company that is focused on providing a high quality product at a
competitive price. Jesse has a reputation as an honest contractor that can get the
tougher jobs done on time and on budget. Jesse is also an OSHA Certified 10 Hour
Safety Course trainer.


jsiegers@glaciersurveys.com USA Cell 406-399-1628, Canada Cell 403-998-0176




Mike Young (Vice President – GIS and Spatial Data Services)


Mike has over 16 years of experience within the Oil and Gas industry with a
concentration in the field of GIS. Prior to Glacier, he has implemented and customized
GIS solutions for multiple clients through his consulting company. Mike has been
involved in all aspects of implementing GIS systems including, database development,
data management and standards and practices for spatial data analysis. He has also
been Operational Tem Lead and GIS Services Manager for a major Seismic Survey
company, which has positioned him as a recognized industry leader in GIS, within
the seismic survey field. Mike has an Environmental Engineering Diploma along with a
Bachelor of GIS degree.


myoung@glaciersurveys.com 403-828-8724 Canada



David (DJ) Jeannotte (Vice President – Field Operations)


DJ graduated from NAIT under the Survey Technology program. He has 5 years of legal
and 5 years of industrial construction experience. As well has 19 years of seismic
experience. DJ started as a rodman and has worked his way up as far as being a Client
field representative for a large Oil & Gas Corporation. During these years he was a
pioneer in growing one major seismic survey company in our industry. He is well versed
in all aspects of seismic projects from Government applications right through to
supervising the recording acquisition phase. His knowledge and experience will greatly
benefit the mentoring of our younger employees.


djeannotte@glaciersurveys.com 403-803-7548 Canada

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