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Field Personnel

Senior Canadian Field Personnel

David Jeannotte                                                                       Senior Advance man / Senior Project Manager

*20 Years in Industry*


Doug Jardine                                                                             Senior Advance man /Senior Project Manager

24 Years in Industry


James Bryce Senior                                                                   Advance man /Senior Project Manager

*22 Years in Industry*


Mike Kennelly                                                                            Advance man/Party Chief/Coordinator

*22 Years in Industry*


Cory Morgan Survey                                                                 Coordinator/Cat Push/Senior Conventional Surveyor

*20 Years in Industry*                                                                                    Pipeline Locator/GIS Technician


Jeff Ness Survey                                                                         Coordinator/Senior Conventional Surveyor

7 Years in Industry                                                                         Senior GPS Surveyor/Pipeline Locator


Kevin Scheller                                                                               Party Chief/ Survey Coordinator/Cat Push

16 Years in Industry                                                                                                 Pipeline Locator


Chris Robertson                                                                                              Survey Coordinator/Cat Push

10 Years in Industry

                    *Indicates person holds a valid L1 work visa for the USA as well as extensive experience working in USA*

Senior American Field Personnel

Josh Tupman                                                                                 Senior Project Manager

10 Years in Industry

Rick Boyd                                                                                        Senior Project Manager

17 Years in Industry

Ken Kirby                                                                                        Senior GIS Field Mapper/ Senior GPS Surveyor

30 Years in Industry

Dave Hand                                                                                      Line Clearance Supervisor

10 Years in Industry

Matt Stamey                                                                                   Senior GIS Field Mapper/ Senior GPS Surveyor

10 Years in Industry

Technology Used

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